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Just to Wave -- September 12, 2023

A series of scenes and thoughts, contrasted with schedules cast upon us. >>

The Other Side -- August 8, 2023

Song lyrics reflect on coping with isolation. Isolation, caused by separating people in to artificial groupings. >>

Against It All -- June 6, 2023

A song about resisting coercion. >>

Path is Chosen -- February 28, 2023

Some events become milestones. As we pass them by, it's not uncommon to wonder if we've left something behind. >>

Next to Nothing -- January 24, 2023

Finding items from the past leads to forgotten questions, and a need to come to terms. >>

Connection Down -- December 17, 2022

A story of two people on the run and separated. They face challenges of communicating and reuniting. >>

Something Never There -- November 27, 2022

A song about getting through the distractions and distortions, we face in life. >>

Halfway Home -- October 21, 2022

A song of someone who sends messages and dreams to a future they will never know. >>

Simple Down -- September 18, 2022

A song of overcoming tragedy. Beyond the chaos, contradictions and shock, comes a refocus on what comes next. >>

Approach the Edge -- August 7, 2022

No longer with shelter, we journey the road. For days it seems endless, then sensing a change. We approach the edge. A song about facing the unknown. >>

Two Sides Same Coin -- July 12, 2022

A song about false choices. There is no choice when presented with two sides of the same coin. >>

Divide -- June 25, 2022

A story of survival. The divide represents whatever keeps us bound or under threat. >>

Perfect Night -- May 26, 2022

Song's lyrics describe being in a storm of repression. Then a dream of returning to freedom. >>

Deep in the Wind -- March 1, 2022

Song's lyrics, are a series of thoughts regarding a range of events. Some events are personal, others are world events. Some thoughts are sarcastic, some apprehensive. >>

Turn to Find -- January 25, 2022

This song’s lyrics are a series of dream like representations. Thus, the lyrics are open to interpretation. >>

Late in the Day -- January 2, 2022

Sometimes every day life provides us with a parable. For example, you are dressed to exercise, you are walking to a running path. Along the way, strangers scold you for criticizing their failure to exercise? You smile, say nothing, and continue on your way. >>

Fall Back and Fade -- December 1, 2021

Musing about the Great Resignation and strike wave. >>

Told to Hide -- November 16, 2021

Censorship is always wrong. We need free speech, specially for independent media. Song lyrics use "Radio" as a metaphor for "free speech". "Silent Storm" is a metaphor for censorship. My hopes that censorship is washed away. >>

Don't Mind Walking -- October 28, 2021

This song was written during the transition from summer to fall, 2021. It’s a time when one thinks about what’s to come. It’s also a time to think about what has been. During the summer, I attended an event which intersected art and politics. This was an event that featured “independent” comedians, artists and journalists. >>

Empty Night -- September 15, 2021

Song talks about memories. Memories of events that epitomize the tension between: what we expect versus what actually happens. We make decisions influenced by what we know and experienced, as of that date and time. Reflecting back on those same decisions, after time and experiences have changed. That's what the song lyrics describe. >>

Stand Outside -- August 26, 2021

Song's lyrics reflect on a dystopian neoliberal nightmare.
Regarding the recording. I put a lot more time into sound engineering and mixing. The result is a well balanced recording. The idea is to make sure you can hear each of the musical parts (vocals, guitars, bass, drums). You test with both headphones and speakers. >>

On the Open Frontier (Reprise 08/21) -- August 1, 2021

Re-arranged and re-recorded. New performance August 1, 2021 of song: On the Open Frontier. Shortened the overall song length. I sped up up the tempo and removed one of the verses. >>

Dream A Future -- June 23, 2021

Song lyrics combine a political commentary with a personal reflection. Musically, the song is a simple progression layered up with multiple voicings (I.E. audio tracks). >>

Righteous Indignation -- June 06, 2021

The term "Righteous Indignation" is described as a "sense of injustice". I took a "sense of injustice" and wove in the narrative of a heroic huntress. >>

Holiday Vacation -- May 07, 2021

With all the great stuff going on, thinking about a nice holiday vacation for everyone. >>

The Navigator -- Apr 10, 2021

The lyrics of this song speak to the challenge of remaining true to your beliefs and principles. A challenge made greater by mass media's tendency to repeat questionable opinions, as fact. >>

No Longer Mentioned -- Mar 7, 2021

Commentary on paid-propaganda and censorship. The cover art is a painting called "The Silent River". Seemed appropriate to reduce the amount of vocals, and hence words. >>

Phantom Sails Through -- Feb 11, 2021

Song is an homage to first nation drum circle rhythms, combined with a reference to the novel "The Phantom Ship". The Phantom Ship (1839) is a Gothic novel by Frederick Marryat which explores the legend of the Flying Dutchman. >>

On The Open Frontier -- Feb 1, 2021

Song I started composing decades ago. I had recorded the basic melody on a cassette recorder. That cassette is stuck in my ancient tape recorder. Hence, I resurrected the song from memory. >>

Don't Know Who You Are -- Jan 18, 2021

A commentary on the shift of risk and responsibility. Fire protection used to be a private service people had to buy. Eventually society decided it was immoral for folks to burn to death, simply because they were poor. >>

I Always Thought -- Jan 7, 2021 Musically, an homage to rhythm and blues guitarists (E.G. Cornell Dupree, Bobby Womack). The lyrics search for some type of comfort and perpective in cycles occuring over the long term (I.E. 7 years ago). >>

Traveler of Late -- Dec 2, 2020 By the time we got to December of 2020, it felt like 3 years had passed since December of 2019. A lot of movement with little, if any, meaninfful change. The lyric "I'm so ready, for things to change" sums it up. >>

American Metal -- Nov 24, 2020

I composed this song by starting with just a musical concept. I recorded that concept with a guitar and bass. I inverted the roles of those instruments, meaning, the guitar establishes the root notes, the bass establishes a counterpoint. >>

Time to Go -- Sep 2, 2020

Blues song which reflects on a simple theme: no matter what, you need to just keep moving. Before the pandemic lockdowns, I was working on a live acoustic that featured covers from mang of favorite artists like: Little Walter, Jimmy Rogers and Howling Wolf. >>