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Traveler of Late -- Dec 2, 2020

By the time we got to December of 2020, it felt like 3 years had passed since December of 2019. A lot of movement with little, if any, meaninfful change. The lyric "I'm so ready, for things to change" sums it up. The rest of the lyrics add to that sentiment, but with a personal perspective.

One of my favorite podcasters, was struggling with her home/pandemic broadcast setup. On air, she moved toward the camera to adjust the lighthing. She stood there for about a minute while her remote guest spoke. This created an unitended visual effect, you could see her eyes flickering as she was listening and thinking. That is what inspired the rest of the lyrics. A musical thank you note to the pod-casters who helped so many remain sane.

All software uses is Free and Open Source (FOSS).
Note! I plan on remixing and mastering this recording in the future. This was one of the first recording where I set out to create a mix and master that matched youtube's loudness settings. That task turned out to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. The results was, the Dec 2 mix is good enough, however, it is missing some of the intended dynamics. Months later, I discovered Audacity, along with a lot more experience mastering loudness levels. Hence, a remix and remaster is scheduled for the future.


Revolution, for my baby
Revolution, for my soul
Come together, for a solution
Hear our voices, hear our songs

I'm so safe, safe with you
I'm so strong, when I say the truth
I'm so ready, for things to change
When I'm standing with you, my heart's in flames
Well I know where I've been

Oh so ready, for the future
Oh so ready, and feeling strong
Well come together, for a solution
Hear our voices, hear our songs

There had titles, like there were kings
I'm just a man, with a song to sing
I am a traveler, I am traveling on
Because I know where I'm going
Because I know where I've been