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I Always Thought -- Jan 7, 2021

Musically, an homage to rhythm and blues guitarists (E.G. Cornell Dupree, Bobby Womack). The lyrics search for some type of comfort and perpective in cycles occuring over the long term (I.E. 7 years ago). The "dream" refers to both the literal dream and the prophetic dream for social, racial, and economic justice.



I've always thought, that we'd be free
Free to sing this song
So many ways to silence us, silence moves on and on

I've seen the sky, sky so blue
Feel the wind, it rise
Oh so close it's hard to see, it's like looking at the sun

[ Chorus ]
I heard voices loud like a hurricane, their rising from the storm
Their rising up and coming now, their rising on and on

I've always thought about the dream
So simple, but takes so long
The road it stopped half way there
But now we are moving on

The sky was blue, but the wind was hot
The road it turned, like it was no more
No more like you were saying, seems like 7 years ago

[ Chorus ]