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Told to Hide -- November 16, 2021

Censorship is always wrong. We need free speech, specially for independent media.

Song lyrics use "Radio" as a metaphor for "free speech". "Silent Storm" is a metaphor for censorship.

My hopes that censorship is washed away.

The video includes a shot of me playing an acoustic guitar. The actual audio recording is done completely with an electric guitar.

All software used is Free and Open Source (FOSS).


Don’t know, where’s the time
Grabbed the dial, found your voice
Told to fear, told to cry
Need the radio, by my side

Truth is told, clear and wide
I listen now, heart and mind
I can think, for my self
Hear the sound, so free and wild

[ Break ]
Silent storm, oh they try
To kill the radio, what a crime

Darkness came, then washed away
Sing the song, beats like rain
Told to fear, told to hide
The Radio sings, free tonight


Written and performed by Lorin M Klugman, November 16, 2021
Composition: Copyright Owned by Lorin M Klugman, all rights reserved.
Performance: is licensed CC BY NC SA 4.0.

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