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American Metal -- Nov 24, 2020

I composed this song by starting with just a musical concept. I recorded that concept with a guitar and bass. I inverted the roles of those instruments, meaning, the guitar establishes the root notes, the bass establishes a counterpoint.

I found analog recordings of finger snapping and flamenco style percussion instruments. I used Geonkick to convert the percussion instruments to a digital format (I.E. so they could be played by a digital synthesizer. ).

I recorded additional rhythm tracks using just a guitar. I combined guitar picking and "hammer on" (a method of bouncing your fingers on the guitar neck).

The musical structure of the song, places most of the flamenco style rhythms in the end section. I added a short bridge section between the first and second half. I first conceived the bridge to be a crescendo (I.E. getting louder). I used the digital features of Ardour to mute various instruments, see which tracks might be best for the short bridge. I ended up using the original concept recording of just drums, guitar and bass.



Divide and conquer, was never sane
Between the lines, we still make our way
We weren't silent, we stand our ground
Was it justice, what have we found

If I had known you, by yesterday
If I had seen you, I had just a day
If I had heard you, your voice was loud
If I had known you, what have we found

Scraped and struggled on this lonely road
If I had know you, was this all the same
If I had known you, second try then today
If I had know you, would we fade away

Strength or sorrow seems all the same
Rockin and reeling, a rising's to come
A rising's to come