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Fall Back and Fade -- December 1, 2021

The lyrics: musing about the Great Resignation and strike wave.

The musical performance and recording includes use of a alternative drum synthesizer (see Recording section below). Helped me in composing a rich percussion track for this song recording.

The guitar track is also recorded differently than my previous tracks. I resolved an issue with noisy electric circuits. Allowed me to play the electric guitar through an amplifier (then mic the amplifier).

For the video release of this song, I added a synchronized display of the lyrics.

All software used is Free and Open Source (FOSS).


Curtain fell
Stage out and cold
Lost performance
No one left to know

Once things were different
Not told to say
Facing the ghost
The mirror starts to break

[ Chorus ]
Oh the time, it’s over now
Oh the time. It’s over now

Riddle words
Like a phrase
Rhymed so empty
Fooled them for days

That you remember
Shook like a dream
Not sentimental
No lines that scene

[ Chorus ]

One day too many
Script too hard to say
Final performance
Could not bow that way

[ Chorus ]


Written and performed by Lorin M Klugman, December 1, 2021
Composition: Copyright Owned by Lorin M Klugman, all rights reserved.
Performance: is licensed CC BY NC SA 4.0.

Cover Art
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Apollo 16/NASA
Added date 2017-09-15
Identifier STS29-92-094
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