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Don't Know Who You Are -- Jan 18, 2021

A commentary on the shift of risk and responsibility. Fire protection used to be a private service people had to buy. Eventually society decided it was immoral for folks to burn to death, simply because they were poor.

Today, in the US, healthcare is a service people have to buy. Every other country has decided it is immoral to let folks die from lack of healthcare. Song asks a rhetorical question. What if the US transgressed back to a private, for-profit, fire protection?

Song also refers to the internal conflict of folks left to lobby for what humanity has deemed immoral.



She came home from working, a night shift at the store
So tired and sleepy, she slept through it all

[ Chorus ]
Her life in our hands, she started to fall
Where was our sense , where was our soul
Negligent murder, someone has died
Well I don't know, who you are

Smoke filled the halls, no sirens were heard
The price of her dreams, only privelege affords

[ Chorus ]

The nightmare is calling, no escape from the dream
The world now is empty, no place for you to scream

[ Chorus ]

Now in the future, just do what you learned
Wake from the nightmare, stand and return

[ Chorus ]