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The Other Side -- August 8, 2023

Song lyrics reflect on coping with isolation. Isolation, caused by separating people in to artificial groupings.

The lead guitar uses a blues double-stop ( two notes played simultaneously ). The rhythm guitar uses a folk/bluegrass technique of implying a chord progression ( with only two notes ).

All software used is Free and Open Source (FOSS).


On the road, fade away
till I don't care anymore
close my eyes and look far away

I reply, every phrase
as plain as it can be
so the words don't get in the way

[ Chorus ]
I dare believe
we stand here forever
just wait and see
it comes together

Your love was like a dream
that fell from the sky
I never thought I'd say good bye

I know it was a lie
that lead us here and now
we go from right to wrong every day

[ Chorus ]

When you went away
took you by surprise
never thought I'd see you again

working every day
to reach the other side
bring you back to where you belong

[ Chorus ]