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Righteous Indignation -- June 06, 2021

The term "Righteous Indignation" is described as a "sense of injustice". I took a "sense of injustice" and wove in the narrative of a heroic huntress.

The musical phrasing of the lead guitar is reminiscent of Mexican folk.



She found her own direction
She aimed, steadfast, no sound
The door blew wide open
Empire came tumbling down

[ Chorus ]
We are not obedient servants
We are not obedient men
Actions, we act together
Movements, forward again

Lives wasted by class and hatred
The hunter puts them in her sight
Full moon lights the highway
The seventh day, came and went

[ Chorus ]

She stood there, wrapped in silence
Wind howls, time has come
Out there on the horizon
She rises, then she is gone