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Pefect Night -- May 26, 2022

Song's lyrics describe being in a storm of repression. Then a dream of returning to freedom.

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Recording note: This song was recorded and released with a sampling rate of 48000 (48khz). Previous recordings were set at 41000 (44.1khz CD quaility).


I know your name today
They told us, exactly what to say
Can’t change that, kind of day
And it goes on

Those words, we tried to say
Like games, we use to play
My hand empty, once again
And it goes on

There must be time, saw you there
Climb up, again

A perfect night, anywhere
I thought that’s, what you said

I know your name today
Those papers failed to say
You lifted darkness, from the floor
For us to know

Half the day, just to break
Through the gate and wall

A perfect night
Change it all, set you free again