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Empty Night -- September 15, 2021

Song talks about memories. Memories of events that epitomize the tension between: what we expect versus what actually happens. We make decisions influenced by what we know and experienced, as of that date and time. Reflecting back on those same decisions, after time and experiences have changed. That's what the song lyrics describe.

This song includes an actual video. As a "do it yourself (DIY)" musician, working with video is a new experience for me. I used Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) https://obsproject.com to record myself playing guitar. I then used FFmpeg https://ffmpeg.org to combine the audio recording, graphics, images and video.

In addition, I used the GNU Image Manipulation Program https://www.gimp.org/ to create the graphics.

All of the above software are Free and Open Source (FOSS).

All software used is Free and Open Source (FOSS).


I was thinking about the world today
At the edge, where our eyes no longer see
Out there you are waiting for a perfect day
Retrieve the bet you sold me, for I cannot pay

And I had an answer, I thought you’d surely know
We talked about the fire, the darkest night would glow
I picked up slowly with my only open hand
Final place is out there, way out there in the end

[ Chorus ]
I was thinking about that time today
A change of heart, it’s so hard to play

Last night was empty, I saw you hit the floor
I’d follow you anywhere until I could not walk
The end came so quickly, startled by the sound
Your hand felt so gentle, you signaled all around

[ Chorus ]
I was thinking about that time today
A change of heart, it’s so hard to play