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The Navigator -- Apr 10, 2021

The lyrics of this song speak to the challenge of remaining true to your beliefs and principles. A challenge made greater by mass media's tendency to repeat questionable opinions, as fact.

Musically, this song is structured differently. Typically songs progress up and down the musical scale by four or five notes. This song progresses up a half-step (note). To me, that progression complements the melody.

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Well I found myself running, the path wet and cold
Saw her arriving, she stood far up the road

I asked her once, can't we just walk away
Confused at the question, she smiled and said
These are just dreams, not stars in the sky
Always a future in that sweet sunshine

Search river banks for a step or a stone
Threw them at the fences, fall right to the ground

She asked me once, do you know what you feel
Confused at her question, I smiled and just said
These are just symbols, not stars in the sky
We alays have our future, in that, sweet sunshine

Now if only the poor, were given their say
Shout down all the fools, with nothing in their heads

I asked her once, will justice ever come
Confused at the question, she smiled and said
These are just rules, not truths in the sky
Always our justice in that sweet sunshine