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Holiday Vacation -- May 07, 2021

With all the great stuff going on, thinking about a nice holiday vacation for everyone.

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Haven't had a raise for eternity
No taxes for the rich, no healthcare for me
Wealthy commentators on every channel that I get
No voices for the workers, just liers for the rich

[ Chorus ]
Shut it down, Shut it down, It's time to let them know
Pushing back for justice, it's time to shut it down

Look across the ocean, workers are in pain
Just like where I am working, so I will stand with them
Television shouting, it's time to go to war
But who is really going, I don't see any of them

[ Chorus ]

Each president has told us, that was the best they could do
They had to take their money, they had to lie to you
The congress has betrayed us, sitting on their hands
Elected them to fight for us, lets throw them in the can

[ Chorus ]

Police locked and loaded are pointing at the crowd
Who is it they're serving, what are they serving now
She was a hero, standing on the street
She shouted what we were thinking, it's time to shut it down

[ Chorus ]